Post Your Positive Results


There is a lot of negativity and self-criticism here, so let's have some positive results, no matter how small.

I returned to competitive singles play after over a year off (playing some casual doubles) and beat a really tough player in a long, tight match. I was pleasantly surprised with the result. My fitness and shots held up through the end. A nice surprise! Maybe I haven't degraded as much as I thought.
Good idea for a thread! I've been recently playing with a lot of beginners, 3.0's and 3.5's while recovering from an injury and not being able to run. There's been no pressure on me to win so I can work on "playing like you practice". This has been really helpful to groove stroke technique using full range of motion.


All my tennis experiences are positive as I have a good time and get a lot of endorphins playing tennis. Always something to learn from each loss or rare off-days - so, I always look for the silver lining in the dark cloud. That’s how I live life in general.


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I tested positive for a transmissible "condition", but it is not covid related, so I don't think we need to discuss it.

I'll say this tho.... don't f ck with me.... a nod is as good as a wink, say no more.


I can still play at least as mediocre as I always have, but with more consistency in doing it.

In any case, maybe I have just accepted that and am just enjoying competing again, but I am looking forward to more time on court.

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Thought this was a COVID thread
My loss of smell after COVID hasn't been entirely negative.

I lost 30 pounds since I started playing tennis about 3-4 years ago. If I didn't I probably would have put on more weight (instead of losing weight) and possibly would have had a more difficult time with COVID.

Unlike many people I don't get upset when I don't play well. I mean sure I will think dang I botched an easy put away there, but I also think I played well enough to set up an easy put away so I am improving. Improving at tennis is an extra bonus, but mainly tennis is a fun way to help me avoid diabetes, and heart disease ( both of which are prevalent in my family) and live longer and healthier. So far its been great. I have had a minor aches and pains but managed to deal with them quickly with ice and stretches etc. So I may have been lucky there.


Won a match 7-5 6-1 against a tough junkballer/spin doctor. The type of player that can really give you a bad day if you aren't on your game. He was up 3-5 in the first. He was holding to love and I was barely surviving my service games due to my first serve. I was really struggling with everything else. A few years ago the match would have gone one of two ways:
1) I get frustrated and start missing even more, before saying "screw it not fun" and losing 3-6 1-6.
2) I lose confidence in my strokes and start playing his game, hacking and junkballing. I make it close but exhaust myself and because I'm playing his game, I lose 5-7 7-5 3-6.

But today I stayed calm and relaxed and kept swinging out and found my groove. Ended up hitting a ton of winners once the train got rolling. It takes a level of confidence and/or not caring about the result to keep swinging out when you're missing everything. So I'm happy with that!

But I will say that if my serve was off, this match could have gone very differently. I would have lost the first set 1-6 and would have had to really dig out of a hole and sustain a high level for longer. A good serving day does wonders.


Currently on a 2-match win streak in men's USTA league for the first time since 2019. It's been tough going since getting bumped up at 2019 year-end, but my doubles UTR has actually improved since then despite a 10-22 record.