Postscript: Nasdaq100 Finals.


I was really shocked at how blindingly fast and powerful Nadal was on a hard court. As Federer said, many people didn't realize how good he really is. Roger was really struggling finding a way to play Nadal. The variety game wasn't working, Nadal was too tough from the baseline, and Nadal had such good passing shots that serve and volley wasn't high percentage.

Eventually, Federer figured the only way to win was to just blast the ball as early as possible, sort of like Andy Roddick. This isn't the way Federer likes to play the game, but it was his only option, and it worked. It was brute force tennis, not the elegant Federer.

Credit too Nadal who has incredible physical gifts, and can even volley. At least Federer has figured out how to play Nadal, even though it was on the brink of losing.

As for Clijsters, she is just too solid, and it will really take a brilliant all-court player to beat her consistently. Someone like JHH in her prime. Sharapova looked quite bad at the net, not volleying to the right places, swinging too much on volleys-lots of improvement needed by Sharapova at the net. Despite her strengths, Sharapova has a ways to go.