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Let's put ourselves into Maria's mindset.
We often see emails with the subject line about new doping list, maybe every year-end and for a decade... maybe some quarterly releases, we see them in our inbox. I'm sure, it is annoying.
BUT, we are taking medicine based in Russia, and we may only see Russian words of Meldonium and its derivatives.

Here are the possibilities:
Being not computer savvy, we don't know how to use word search in a PDF document. Assuming someone taught us how, we then entered a freaking Russian term and find nothing. So we take the meds.
We are obliged to do that search process at every release of doping emails. It's been 7 years (the rest of 3 years we assumed its not gonna get a hit), zero '0' search hit in all PDFs.

The above scenario could be one of mitigating circumstances she may serve on the tribunal.
I vote for lighter penalty coz I like her look. She's too goddamn hot not to be playing at all.