power and spin strings for pure strike ( last help please)

finally decided between the dr98 and strike.. So I am ordering 4 more babolat pure strikes today of tennis warehouse 4.5/5 player

I have rpm in my current one

I plan to get a different string in each one of the 4 new ones. Then get a real of my favorite and never bother to change strings again.

A bit of diversity would be good. I want full poly though. I want a spin poly but also more power ( for a poly)


luxilon ALu power

tourna poly big hitter black

volkl cyclone

yonex poly tour pro

diedem solstic power

solinco hyper g

this will be my last thread.. If anybody could either decide out of the list above or pick a combo of 4 for me. Because Reading review after review is doing my brain in.


On the higher end, I'd reccomend diadem solstice power. Phenomenal string.
Hyper g is also an awesome string as well.
Definitely try tier one FireWire as well. Livelier than the usual polys, great control, and fantastic spin.
cheers mate what brand is fire wire ? I am amazed how much people know on this website. I know a futures player that just plays with whatever string and racquets he can get for free and has never looked into any of this stuff just hits balls lol

unbelievable Australia is running so low on these new pure strikes that i have to order from us. Must be popular.
Thanks mate i will try them. Unfortunately just got an email. Tennis warehouse doesnt sell babolat to australia due to restrictions so im out of luck!
Cool thanks. Cyclone tour is one of the few strings they have at the small centre i play at... And I know a guy sponsered by solinco so I can get hold of hyper G easy to.

So that is great.
Are you using the Hyper-G 16L (1.25) or the 16 (1.30) in the Pure Strike 98 16x19? Which one do you like more in the Pure Strike 16x19?


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Monogut ZX... A zyex string. Plays like poly, more power, with far better tension maintainance. Give it a good pre-stretch before stringing.