Pre-Match Interviews?? Williams - Kerber

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    Biased Pre-Match Interviews?? Williams - Kerber

    Did anyone just catch the pre-match interview, in the tunnels @ the US Open, before the Serena Williams vs. Angelique Kerber (#67 in the world)?

    The intereviewer, sorry I didn't notice who it was, asked Kerber, just as she was walking on to the court, "You're playing Serena, so what are you going to do to try and keep it competitive out there?"

    Seeming to imply that she is going to lose no matter what she does... Even though she is a HUGE underdog, I think that the reporters should keep in neutral and unbiased. I believe that any PRO can beat any PRO... even if it's extremely unlikely. (This gives me hope:))

    I've seen this before many times, and it bothers me every time. Anyone else bothered by this/these interviews?
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