Pre-open era was a immature stage of tennis history

Discussion in 'Former Pro Player Talk' started by NGM, Nov 10, 2012.

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    Some male players like Tilden, the Doherty's, Budge, Perry, Laver, Trabert, Riggs, Sedgman, Vines, Borg, Gonzalez and Rosewall racked up incredible numbers also. Your favorite has also and Djokovic in recent years and Nadal also.

    Many of these players turned pro and weren't able to continue to win the major tournaments.
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    Sampras in events rated below the Slams and Season end finals didn't score well. His Masters 1000 title total (11) is the lowest in the top ten Male singles players of the Open era eg Lendl had 22 and McEnroe 19 and Connors and Agassi had 17. Having said that Sampras was definitely in the top 3 or 4 of the open era overall.

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