Pre-strung Microgel Radical same as old (2008) MG Radicals?


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I was wondering if anyone has bought the current pre-strung MG Radical (98) and noticed if its the same/different from the originals from 2008? The MG is an old favorite of mine and I was hoping to pick up one if they're the same feel/quality/etc.


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i believe they're made in different factories, with the pre-strung ones being made in China and the early original release ones being either Austria or Czech Republic. someone with more knowledge can confirm


I have played with both. As someone mentioned above, the re-issue is stiffer and different feel. Get the original if you can


I got a couple and didn't really like them too much. Ended up moving on to the Babolat Pure Control 95, which I love. Thinner beam, plusher feel, more plow, etc.