Predict Nadal's first loss of 2018 clay court season

Predict all his clay court losses

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Give me:

  1. Tournament
  2. Round
  3. Score
  4. Opponent
Or just say he won't lose in 2018 clay court season.

  1. Madrid
  2. Semi-Finals
  3. 6-3; 7-6
  4. Goffin
If anything, he’ll lose in Rome to someone to save himself for RG if he feels tired by then.

If he skips Rome then I think he very likely won’t lose a match.
you crazy kids, the Anti-Rafa brigade wants Nadal to lose every match, so the more he wins, the more salt he creates. In an ironic twist, they now resort to jinxing and proclaiming his invulnerability on clay, never to lose again. Drowning in their tears, they resort to the same thread over and over again..blah blah blah

hail to the king baby


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I think he'll only have one loss this CC season so I'll give it a go, against Cilic in Madrid in 3 sets.

Damn, have to be more precise per the OP. Madrid SF, 2-6 6-4 7-5.
No way he's losing to Goffin on clay. Goffin wouldn't be able to hold serve.

Only chances I see is if someone steps up and hits him off the court in the fast-bouncing Madrid (Del Potro, Querrey, Cilic, etc) or a more fatigue-based loss in Rome, similar to the Thiem loss last year.


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Tbh I would be utterly surprised if he lost this clay season. The King of Clay is really bossing around these muppets this year.
Rafa is not at all playing his best clay tennis as some foolish VB members claim to be.
He is not even at the 2017 level.
Hard hitting and deep shots can trouble him as we have seen, a little bit of this show vs Garcis Lopez yesterday, though it was a one sided match but still rafa's weaknesses were clearly visible...

The bloody damn clay field is so depleted that almost no players are able to defeat him, and the ones who are capable to do so are messed up with injuries (djoker, murray and stan), or
dont like clay much (delpo), or
very small in frame so can not grind with rafa for 4/5 sets (goffin and kei nishikori), or
have mental block or no mind(dimitrov and fognini), or
have full capacity of taking down rafa but foolishly bashes balls and always gets gassed out before reaching bull(dominic), or
totally idiot(zverev), ......

I will be surprised even if someone takes a set off rafa