Predict the first Slam to be won by a NextGen player.

First Slam to be won by a NextGen Player

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Nadal, Federer and Djokovic have been so dominant in Grand Slams that very talented younger players haven't had a chance to win a major trophy for years now. But, sooner or later they will win a Grand Slam title as the big 3 era is gonna come to an end whether they like it or not. What Slam do you think will be the first to be conquered by a NextGen player and why?
Nextgen sucks at natural courts. The AO/USO gives them the most opportunity since it is the most similar surface for a majority of them.

This seems right to me. I'm not willing to put a year on it, but I'd bet on it being one of the hard court Slams. Possibly Roland Garros if Nadal got injured, as the others are weaker there so they could slip through. But does Thiem count as NextGen? 26 must be too old. And a Nadal injury would make Djokovic and Thiem co-favorites for RG, I think.


Has to be between AO and USO. Next gen doesn't know how to play on Grass so it rules out Wimbledon. FO will be Nadal and then Thiem (not a next genner). Hard court slams are most likely to be first to slip out of Big 3's hands as competition is rather higher on Hard Courts.

In reality Kyrgios should've been dominant on grass seeing that it is his best surface. The problem is that he does not have the discipline to go beyond Round of 16.


either AO or USO, but since AO is Djokovic’s pet Slam and generally the Big 3 perform better at it, I’d say it’s the USO.
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USO because the dominance of Big 3 members is the weakest at this GS tournament. At USO, was the most winners were outside Big 3 over the past 10 years.


The poll shows that most fans are ignorant of tennis history.

Debut winners at slams since 1972:

1. FO 19
2. USO 11
3. W 7
4. AO 5 (since 1985)

If it happens, most likely FO or USO. AO is not a big slam in terms of surprise winners. Veteran slam winners are generally better prepared for the start of the season than non-slammers.


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Daniil, Wimbledon 2020.

USO I think Thiem has the biggest chance, cause slow HCs. This year he had the flu.

Not sure if these two considered Nextgens anymore.