Predict the Last Slam Won for Each of the Big 3 and their final slam count

I’ll go first:

Fed Wimbledon 2019. (21) I think he knows that he has to do it now.
Djokovic USO 2022 (19) (NextGen about to make life a lot harder)
Nadal FO 2022 (22) I say he wins 3 more FO and 1 more HC slam.
Federer AO 2018 (20)
Djokovic AO 2023 (20?) 2-3 AO, 1-2 US Open, 1-2 Wimbledon.
Nadal RG 2022 (21?) 2-3 more RG. I definitely think he has the ability to win another HC/grass slam. I just don't think he will. My gut says no.
I'm always horrible with these kind of long-term predictions (I tend to be far too conservative, so don't anybody go back and look at my predictions from 2009!), but here goes:

1. I think Fed might snag another (this year's Wimbledon would be the obvious choice), but more likely is probably done winning slams. So 20, maybe 21, with last slam either 2018 AO or 2019 W.
2. Nadal still seems like a lock to win the French, but his body is breaking down more and more off clay. At this point, I'd probably bet against him winning another non-clay slam, but I'll give him two or three more Roland Garros titles. So 20-21 (FO 21 or 22 for his last).
3. Djokovic is probably the hardest to predict. He's had a hell of a last 52 weeks, but before that he was MIA for 2 years. He's far from invulnerable in best of three and that will likely only continue to creep into his slam results. At the same time, he's more likely to win at 3/4 slams than Nadal (and more likely than Fed at all of them), so I'll say he wins 4 more for 19, with his last coming at the Australian in 2021.
The Olympics 2024 are played on the Phillippe Chatrier on clay. Nadal will play it.
At one point insanity, now probable. How times change.

I picked Nadal to lose the French this year and win it again next. But now I think 2022 is more likely as his last swing and even then I'm not confident.

I don't think Federer wins any more outside this year's Wimbledon.
2026? Lol, I think 2023 if he's lucky tbh.
I was just kidding around. Thought my "Rafa retires the French Open in 2026" comment made that obvious.

In all seriousness: Fed never wins another major, and retires next year. Djokovic wins 4 more majors, and retires in 2022(Last major win is the 2021 US Open). Nadal wins 2 more majors, and retires in 2022(Last major win is the 2021 French).

Fed 20
Nadal 20
Djokovic 19