Prediction: Thiem for #1

Fate of the number one ranking

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Does this mean you're on the Thiem train Sysy?:giggle: Its time for the Thiemerer bases to unit to protect the GOAT's 20 slam count? Thiem's new clay game means no easy RG's for Nadal unlike the last 14.:whistle:
Thiem has always been among my favored players. Not about protecting the Golden Goose, more about needing some fresh Blood (Diamonds).

But this thread is just dispassionate forecasting, nothing to do with fandom8-B

ok, might be a bit of a heat of the moment kind of thing.


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Definitely a shout, even after the loss to Djoker.
Needs to start piling on the points from Rome on.
His win at IW showed he is no mug on hard courts.