Preferred location when adding lead to handle?


I have put tape above the butt cap. Laid long strips on the pallets around 3.5-4” up from the cap. Also at 7” since some say that is the magic spot.

At the end of the day, is one spot more preferred than another in terms of better feel?

I just do it for counterbalance and I’m sure most of you do as well. But will the feel of the racquet be effective positively or negatively if the lead is placed at a different location?



I find that adding weight to the top of the handle makes the racket feel more even, when swinging, while putting it in the buttcap more whippy and maneuverable(too much is not good for me). I like to do about 5 inches from butt, and little in buttcap


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-I use to do long strips along the vevels of the grip pallet, now I just wrap it around the pallet starting at end of buttcap and going up
-lead under the grip is unnoticeable 2ME, as far as "feel",
-but I do feel the extra weight (at impact), the further out on the racquet face I go with the tape

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For tape, the most precise spot is the top of the handle. For bottom, silicone or putty gets you weight much faster.

Also, most stock frames nowadays are overly polarized so middle weight makes more sense.