premiersell on the big garage sale is BAD

Discussion in 'References' started by tennisp13, Dec 26, 2006.

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    His name is Robert Delgado, and he own something call Premier Tennis in Florida and try to sale me a use Prince O3 Tour Midsize+ but claim as the Midsize 95. Everyone should know that the before Prince release the 95 and the 107 O3 Tour, there was the 100 sq that call Midsize+ and now is the Midplus. I call him several time and explain to him that it was the wrong racket politely but the last time he said I am a bad customer and return my money and hang up on me. All I did was try to get the right racket that I could play with.

    Spec of the Midsize+ (MidPlus) is 100 sq, power level:800, string pattern: 16x18

    Spec of the True midsize: 95 sq, power level:750, string pattern:16x20

    Just let you guy know if you ever deal with him on the E b a y site:
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    TW has the 100 listed as a Midplus, so on the Midplus it says Midsize+? Really confusing...

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