Prepaire: No amount of titles or records can be comPaired to Benoits Paire


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Just thinking @stringertom et al. should be very delighted with the Paire, as there is no other ATP player who is better material than him for the Homophone Game thread.
The Paire trascends language barriers. We have only been exploring him in English.
In French, there’s a lot that can be done, for instance, with associations with père (father).
The Latin word per is present in almost any Western language.
We should see Paire homophones raining in that thread, many of them inspired here.
Benoit harnessed his paireanormal powers today in his paireing vs Busta in DC. Only because DC is 3of5 did he need one more than a Paire of sets to Paire down Pablo in front of the non-Paireisian but home crowd in Lille.

Red Rick

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Pairesonally I had hoped for better from Ben-O-Wah in Russia, I had hoped he's be more suited to Russian Roublette than a 2nd round In Moskow
They will complain out of despaire while Nadal gets his knees, ankles and toes repaired with magical potions and emulsions.
Many of the VB still blame the paire shaped false prophet of San Poobiego for his paire of premature slam predictions at Wimby and USO. Nothing compaires to his jinxes, even 60’s Weed.