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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Homer, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. Homer

    Homer Guest

    I´m a 5.0 hard-hitting baseliner and have used the Head Prestige Classic Mid for at least a decade. Nowadays I´ve been listening to rumors about customizing racquets. Since I´ve always used my Prestige without any changes I´ve been wondering if I could better my stick with any kind of customization. I aprecciate your trouble.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Professional

    Jan 21, 2004
    Of course a racket can be customised to meet your own personal requirements. A stick that was made for thousands of players can probably be customised for your benefits. Personally I like the Prestige Classic stock so that my flat strokes can generate maximum head speed. If I wanted to experiment I would put 6g on the handle and 6g total at the sides of the head. I did not like the feel of placing even 5g total at the sides with no counterweight. For me the racket lost its whippyness. Another poster cut parts of the CAP System on top and bottom and replaced the mass with lead tape at the sides. The result for him seemed to be same overall weight, but more head stability. The question is, what would you want out of any customization?
  3. jmckinney

    jmckinney Rookie

    Feb 19, 2004
    I use the i.prestige and put 6 grams on the handle. I do not put any on the head because it loses its whippiness and is makes the serve hard to initiate. I like the lead on the handle as it gives the racket stability on off center hits, and a little more whip action. I have seemed to gain more topspin after doing this and my return of serve has improved as well as my serve.

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