Prestige Mid Questions

I have never played the Prestige Mid, did have Pro Tour 280's when they were made in Austria and when they brought them back made in China, liked the tight pattern and ability to keep strings longer. I was mainly wondering if the Flexpoint has a dramatic flex feeling or if this is mainly hype. I was also wondering if the Microgel in the has the same plow effect and if not is this just a weight issue that could be fixed with lead tape? Any comparison with the Volkl DNX10 in flex and power as I have used these would be appreciated too.
No one has any experience with the Mids in Flexpoint and Microgel? I have seen some reviews with the Mid Plus models, but seems the weight characteristics are much different from the Mids. I am planning on a purchase of 2 but not sure what way to lean, and these will be without demoing....