Prestrung "good" rackets and Prestrung in general (Wilson Six.One 2017)

I ordered a bunch of the Wilson Pro Staff Six.One (2017) from Europe (I'm in Cali) and they come prestrung with Wilson synthetic gut. I had bought a few of them back in 2017; so I can confirm that even the USA versions came prestrung. I just wonder why Wilson did this and a question in general about prestringing. Who does this? Like do they have a team of stringers in china training on the prestrung variants of rackets like when you go to a hair college to get a cheaper haircut from people in training? A lot of the rackets sold in general sport stores are prestrung and there not that "bad."

So I checked the quality of the string job in general; the tie offs are perfect and no notching... it just makes me so curious. I wont be using the strings ill cut them out but let me curiosity kill me here...

Here are a few images of the stick with strings:
The issue isn't usually the quality of the stringjob, it's an issue with how long its been sitting in a warehouse before it was sold.
Well I'm not really asking about how the strings will hit; cause like I said ill cut them out and put in my own choice of string. I am more amazed at the quality of the job in this case. Like who is doing this; lets say they have a run of 10k frames (I have no idea how many units they make I would love to see that number) that means there has to be a bunch of people stringing them up at a fairly sufficient level. Then again the other cheap pre string rackets how are those all strung up. I guess I want to get inside the racket making industry "weeds" thank you for your answer though!
There’s a slightly old video on YouTube, though this is not necessarily how your Pro Staffs were strung:

That's great I wish there was a whole factory walk through in good quality (4k heheh); looks like someone threads and another person pulls the tensions, also wonder what the default tensions my be. Those stringing machines look very USSR era.


I believe the ‘reissue’ of the Microgel Radical came prestrung with crappy synthetic gut. I never used it, so I couldn’t attest to how it played compared to the original.


I works like this: The night before baking the frames, a truck leaves the factory and picks up all the drunks and homeless they can get. After sobering them out with pickle juice and an ice shower, they are shackled to the stringing machine and given an inhumane quota to satisfy. They are supplied basic nylon fishing line, because they know savvy Americans will cut the strings out of the racket anyway.