Prettiest serve motion?


Who do you think has the coolest, best-looking serve motion ever? Past or present, male or female, don’t matter

For me it goes like this:

1. Fed (takes the no. 1 spot by a large margin, no contest really, the most smooth and most graceful serve action ever, I will never get tired of watching that)

2. Karlovic (don’t know what is it about this serve motion but I’ve always thought it looked very cool, for me personally it’s a joy to watch Ivo serve, both because of the cool serve motion and cause of the serve that comes after)

3. Djokovic (this one also looks really cool to me, his best-looking shot along with his backhand)

4. Sampras (I’ve always really liked how he prepares before tossing the ball, looks great all-around)
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Deliciano. Sooo smoooooth and efficient.

Honorable mention to another lefty, Shapovalov.

From the guys of yore, Edberg's motion was interesting.
Loved the clip. Very smooth and look how freaking massive Feli serves at such angles and the kick in the beginning too. Feelings of inadequacy abound concerning my own serve now, lol. Amazing how these guys make serving look like a piece of cake. Even Ferrer - who is my height - is serving bullets. That's why I love this camera level so much. Reveals a lot.

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Pancho had "It" - as did Sampras, and fortunately for us, Federer.

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Safin, so damn casual looking yet...can be a bomb
and my favourite gotta go to
Pierre Hugues Herbert, just so beautiful that form, that arched back whew


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Andy Roddick hands down. Loved that guy to the core. We all watched his matches just for his serve.

The guy begged Federer just One Wimbledon title but the sheer ruthlessness of Federer gave Roddick the reputation of a MUG.

Still has my support though.