Prettiest serve motion?


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Not even this one?

Or this one?

Or this one?

Or this one?

At recreational level, this evidently gets worse.
I get nightmares whenever I remember particular service motions of some of my tennis club fellow members. Some of these people rightfully earned funny nicknames, just because of that.

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1. Fed - Agreed with the op. No contest. And highly deceptive and unreadable.
2. Tsonga

Most women from WTA. Smooth efficient action. Caroline Garcia proves that you do not need an orthodox serve to be effective.

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This is Sampras. His motion looks like it was seamless from the first bounds of the ball until the end. So fluid. Federer also, but I'd still take Sampras. Pete's serve never looked forced or like he was stretching his body that much. That elbow and back movement was just fluid.

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Fed by a long shot, followed by Tsonga, Karlovic, Djokovic, Berdych, and Roddick. I was never a fan of Pete's for some reason, seemed a little weird to me. But it definitely worked!


1. Sampras (by far, and I’m arguing with Sampras fans on here all the time. He has undeniably the best motion)
2. Fed (Sampras lite but still a beautiful and fluid motion)
3. Kyrgios

Oops, I forgot about Rajeev Ram!


Sampras is best but not prettiest serve. Its not anyone who looks like they are doing tai-chi or yoga and it's not Karlobot. It is someone who looks like they are doing a ballet-jump like Groth or Tsonga.


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A lot of you guys on here pride yourselves on being tennis experts. Unfortunately you got it all completely wrong this time.

What about Volandri ???? He has or had the prettiest serve of all time, no contest whatsoever.


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Djokovic (Ultron version, not the Todd Martin crap, even the 2018 version doesn't look too bad to me), Stan, Gael, Fedr and Tsonga have some of the best looking serves imo.


Who do you think has the coolest, best-looking serve motion ever? Past or present, male or female, don’t matter

For me it goes like this:

1. Fed (takes the no. 1 spot by a large margin, no contest really, the most smooth and most graceful serve action ever, I will never get tired of watching that)

2. Karlovic (don’t know what is it about this serve motion but I’ve always thought it looked very cool, for me personally it’s a joy to watch Ivo serve, both because of the cool serve motion and cause of the serve that comes after)

3. Djokovic (this one also looks really cool to me, his best-looking shot along with his backhand)

4. Sampras (I’ve always really liked how he prepares before tossing the ball, looks great all-around)

Nothing wrong with choosing Federer for the number one position , his serve is very elegant, but Sampras' is just majestic, so not only that I would rank him above Roger, but it is a bit strange to say that Federer's is 'no. 1 spot by a large margin, no contest really". Not to mention Sampras being ranked lower than Djokovic.


Safin, so damn casual looking yet...can be a bomb
and my favourite gotta go to
Pierre Hugues Herbert, just so beautiful that form, that arched back whew
Herbert’s serve is a J Mac copy.