Price money in recreational tournaments.

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    Prize money in recreational tournaments.

    Here in the Netherlands we have two tournaments in which you can earn some money (About $150-200 for the winner and 100$ for the runner-up), for 3.0-3.5 players. For one of the tournaments the top 8 of the rankings in that specific category (3-3.5-4-4.5 etc.) are qualified for that tournament.

    The other tournament is a pro tournament but also has a tournament for the other ratings.

    I was wondering if it's common for 3.0 3.5 etc. players to earn this amount of money in a tournament.
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  2. AlexDK09

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    Just figured out that it should be prize money...
  3. Winky

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    I've only heard of opens and 5.0s+ winning prize monkey but I'm sure it happens.
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    I run some tournaments and often award monkeys to all event winners...

    Seriously though, it is rare for any rating level event to award money, though I have done a few friendly tournaments with everyone paying money and 100% of it being paid out to the top finishers. I also ran a series of 4 tournaments this summer that had prize money (up to $200) to the top finishers in each division.
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    I played a local tourney here in Texas at the 3.5 level that paid out $100 dollars to the winner and $50 dollars to the runner up.

    Ive never seen a USTA sanctioned tournament pay out money, instead they give Tshirts, towels, and trophies to the players along with ranking points.

    But there are the occasional non sanctioned tournaments that forgo the crappy towels, shirts, and trophies and just pay out good ole cash to the winners.

    Ive won the doubles 3.5 before so I walked away with $50 which covered my entry, gas to get there, and my food costs for the two days I played.
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    They are out there, depends on how big the tennis community is in the area. These are usually have divisions by rating or age (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, seniors, super seniors) and are typically in the form of a grand prix series - so you play a series of tournaments, if you do well enough you qualify for the season ending tournament where prizes are awarded and are either run by the club or by a local tennis organization (non-USTA). There are USTA sanctioned money tournaments but they are open level.

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