Prime Federer vs Prime Djokovic on Hardcourt

Prime Federer vs Prime Djokovic on Hardcourt?

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As a Federer and Nadal fan, I have to say I have enjoyed, or have been privileged, to have seen these guys play. For me, I don't think Djokovic has created an event like what these two have done, such as Wimbledon 2008.

I feel sad that people watching Federer today will remember his as this world number 3 type guy, amazing of course, a grand slam competitor. His current form is still probably worthy of being in the top 10 greatest list - amazing for age 38.

But let us be honest, his form today is nothing at all like his 2007 form - super fast, aggressive tennis, (his game was more aesthetically pleasing then as well), he would hit winners from anywhere, perfect footwork and so much more.

Djokovic say 2011 (some may bring in 2015) was unbelievable. The back board they say, the amount of work you have to do to win a point against Djokovic is unreal.

I am biased and I think Prime Federer is better than Prime Djokovic on hard. Djokovic overall may go down as the greatest hardcourt player going by the comments here, but that Federer 2007 ish time for me is the greatest.



Why 2007? If you pick that year and compare it with 2011, 2011 easily wins. Federer lost to Canas twice in a row in IW and Miami.


Just prime, say 2005-2007, but personally, I like 2007 because he had to change his game to handle bigger hitters on tour.

I think prime Federer had the perfect hard court game.


Tough one. I'd say out of 10 Federer wins 6 and loses 4. Peak Djokovic on hard is the hardest opponent Federer could possibly face other than Nadal on clay obviously.
Prime hardcourt Djokovic - early 2016 hardcourt swing (Doha-Miami)
Prime hardcourt Federer - late 2006 (Canada Masters-YEC)