Prime Hewitt beats prime Djokovic on HC.

Who wins?

  • Hewitt

  • Lleyton

  • Djokovic

  • Novak

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Please, cut the BS.

Djokovic does almost everything better than Murray (except for the volleys and the slice, but Hewitt was better at those as well in addition to being an amazing retriever with great speed) but he still lost several matches to him when not peak or even just a bit off from peak. I think the same should apply to Hewitt whose peak level genuinely isn't that far off from Murray's (it's consistency and being less prone to injuries that puts Muzz ahead).

Think of Hewitt as Ferrer x 5, without the propensity to roll over immediately for the top guys (a habit Nishikori has as well with his 2-5000 record, come to think of it; he does have the USO 2014 win where he did play fairly well, but Djokovic was not good at all). Taking more sets in AO 2012 than him while post-injuries could say something at least slightly significant.
That’s false imo. Murray at his peak was too crafty and versatile. Hewitt was pretty crafty but he’s not outwitting guys like Djokovic on the court. Murray was also ripping backhands.

I don’t really think peak Hewitt is in the same league. I was watching some typical peak Murray matches such as those against Raonic and Berdych at the USO and his drop shotting, angles, versatility, slice, and backhand were all sublime. I watched Hewitt and it was some good tennis but I felt he was way more predictable with his shotmaking.

I think the best version of Hewitt maybe compares to a post peak Murray or pre-peak 2011.

I think Hewitt gets 2016 and maybe 2014 but that’s it.
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Just say you don't like Djokovic or declare yourself USO2 and be done with it. I can't believe what I just read. More mentally strong than Djokovic? Beating prime Federer? When? I guess I missed that during his 0 for 15 run in Federer's peak and prime years. You're becoming a meme at this point.
We are talking USO not career.