Prime Zverev vs Prime Hewitt


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Match 1: first round of Australian Open
Match 2: semi-finals of Madrid Open
Match 3: Random round of Roland Garros
Match 4: Random round of Wimbledon
Match 5: Final of the Rogers Cup (both haven't eaten for 24h)
Match 6: Random round of the US Open

Fist fight: Prime Zverev Brothers vs Prime Hewitt and Prime Safin. The fight takes place in Wimbledon lockeroom. Who wins?

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Obviously we shouldn't even be comparing them.

But for a real answer: Hewitt everywhere but Madrid if 2018 Sascha Serve-Bot shows up. And Safin can take the Zverev bros 2v1 even without Rusty's help. He'll just need an extra shot of vodka that day.
This all depends, Hewitt hit his prime right around the age Zverev is now. So unless Zverev starts winning slams and going deep, then Hewitt wins by far in every category.

Then again, Zverev might be a late bloomer and start hitting his prime in a few years.

However, era does make a huge difference here, as Hewitt hit his prime right when Fed became Fed. That's bad timing. Zverev might hit his prime right when the big 3 retire, this would be great timing.


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Australian Open: Hewitt (Especially in the 1st round; Hewitt would never win the tournament, but he would overcome Zverev in 5 sets at around 3 AM in the morning while shouting "Come on" as if he is about to take the title, only to lose to some clay-court specialist in the next round)

Madrid: Maybe Zverev, but only in 2017/18 which will forever stay his prime years on tour

Roland Garros: Zverev in 5 (will lose in 3 to any possible next opponent)

Wimbledon: Hewitt in 3

Montreal: Hewitt in 3

US Open: Hewitt in 3

Fist Fight: 2 Russians always better than 1


Hewitt. And I do not like him at all. Would beat Zverev convincingly at any slam. In Bo3 Zverev might have a chance to snag some win here and there.

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Federer fans: Hewitt would go 6-0 vs him
Djokovic fans: Zverev would go 6-0 vs him

Depends which era you dub strong.

Fist fight: I'll need to see the geometric mean of their respective power - hit velocity, speed, etc. Have that on my desk by 7 AM sharp.
**** off

Hewitt would go 21-0 in 6 matches come on not even close ban thread lock op for asking it.