Prince 2006 Premier Collection Tennis Bags

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    I listed this under the TW Questions area yesterday, but have had no reply from the TW Staff, so I am posting here in hopes that one of you might have first hand experience with these bags.

    TW Staff or anyone else familiar with Prince Premier Line of Tennis Bags. I have some questions about the 3-Pack and 6-Pack Tennis Bags.

    Here is a link to the bags I am talking about:
    Prince 2006 Premier Collection Tennis Bags

    Here is a link to a Japanese website that has much clearer pictures of what appears to be the same line of bags:
    Japanese Website with nice Pictures of Prince Tennis Bags
    • The pictures on the Japanese website make it look like both the 3-Pack (NS-522) and the 6-Pack (NS-521) come with dual shoulder straps that would allow you to wear it as a backpack. Is that the case with the US versions?
    • The pictures on the Japanese website make it look like the 6-Pack (NS-521) can zip apart into two pieces. This is shown in the smaller middle picture and just lists the (NS-521) under the picture which implies to me that this “feature” is only available with the larger 6-Pack bag. Is this how the US version of the 6-Pack works?
    • There are clearly two shorter zippers on the “smaller” storage area on the one face of the bag. Besides these two zippers on the face, how many zippers are there on the 3-Pack, and the 6-Pack? How many larger storage areas are there in each bag?
    • From the pictures on the Japanese website it appears that both the 3-Pack and 6-Pack have the same shoe storage area, that is accessed through a flap on the top rear area of the bag. Is this correct?
    • I assume there is no thermal protection in the lining of these bags, but can you confirm this?
    • The whole reason I am looking for a new bag is that on the bag I currently am using one of the side storage zippers, keeps coming off its track and basically is not zipping shut. I noticed that this appears to happen more often to zippers with smaller teeth. Compared to some of the other lines of tennis bags how big are the teeth on these bags? Do all of the zippers on the bag have the same size teeth? I have seen the Green Prince Team Collection 3-Pack, how do the zippers compare to this Price bag?
    Thank you in advance for any assistance you might provide. Any additional pictures would be greatly appreciated.:)

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