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  1. Triple Fault

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    Nov 29, 2006
    Could you give some feedback on this old Prince? What type of racquet was it?
  2. tennisinoc

    tennisinoc Semi-Pro

    Feb 20, 2007
    I have the Approach OS. CTS stands for Constant Taper System
    The frame goes from 28 head - 22 throat
    It is the next line of Prince racquets after the Original Graphite series came out.
    It is a players racquet 12.0+ oz. that is also a wide body.
    You can't find that in any of today's racquets.
    Because of that, it is a VERY stable racquet with good feel.

    My OS is available for sale if you prefer a OS version.
    $65 w/ shipping
    In excellent condition with no damage
    email if interested:
  3. hadoken

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    Mar 2, 2004
    I still use it (a search of the archives will get you a lot of info about it). It is a "player's" frame by today's standards because it has a 93in head and is ~12.5oz strung but it has way way more power than any player frame today....really tweener power so long as you hit the tiny sweetspot. The OS has a bigger sweatspot and does not play like the 90 (relabelled Mid-Plus near the end of its life).

    It seemed like every #1 high school varsity player used this frame in the late 80's when widebodies got hot. As mentioned above, the construction is unlike anything available today. I think of it as a POG Mid on steroids. IMO, it along with the original Capriati frame (CTS Lightning) were probably 2 of the best frames ever from that generation.
  4. ps60

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    Feb 27, 2007
    i've got my time of this old friend. i mis treated it. using a rubbish string all the time (Prince topspin, if u want to curse me, do it in the string section ;D ) and i found it very stiff and uncomfortable. But it can't be. because i've demoed someone's one b4 i bought mine with enthusiasm. One day, i found a new stringer, and a new string brand called Gamma... and i spotted a cheaper string called TNT... string it at 60lb. Oh, that's the SENSATION of tennis. every hit is like an Estasy. (it is not dirty talk here) But then it died in about 9 months. Strung it with other stringers also with TNT 16 or TNT2... don't have the same Sensation back... and one strung it too tight, making some crack on both 3 and 9... That's my pal's story.

    After that, I've used Ti-Radical (gave me TE), 5G (let me play with TE), Prince Rebel (Stiff rod but high SW to protect sth.), Diablo (SHxx), and Volkl now...
    No one ever give me the comfort Approach 90 gave me. i even bought another called Air Approach, much lighter, wrong balance, etc. Although the material is closer (softer, more comfortable) to old-school rackets than other current Prince models.

    One thing i wanna say, it's not a very good for the game (esp at the net) but it 's so comfortable at impact that i really miss it.

    BTW, if u string it at 58~60lb (on e-stringers) with a soft string, its SS shouldn't be very small.
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