Prince Dry Overgrips

So I recently ordered some of the Prince Dry overgrips from TW and tried them last night and this morning. Mostly bought them because they match my Phantom racquet and because TW doesn't ship my go to overgrip to Canada.

These things were terrible. They's start to break down during the warmup. Green fluff and dye would stain my hands. By the end of an hour they were totally worn down and not offering much grip. I tried 2 overgrips and both did this.

Wondering if this is normal for this overgrip or whether mine were just old and defective. Will be contacting TW about this to see what they say but I was wondering if any board userd had a similar experience?


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Yep. First time I bought them - around 3 or 4 years ago - they were great. They lasted 2-3 times longer than tourna. The next summer I bought a 30 pack of them and they were so horrible that I couldn't get through a set with them. I was replacing the grip after about 8 games. I used maybe 4 of them and threw the rest in the trash.
well I got TW to replace them with some Volkl V-Tac. Way better grips. In fact I think I'm liking them better than The Wilson comfort Pro's. So something good came out of this debacle.