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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by AndyC, May 16, 2011.

  1. AndyC

    AndyC Semi-Pro

    Mar 31, 2004
    Hi Guys

    Just looking for a bit of advice. I'm currently playing Prince Diablo Mids but they are getting a little beat up and I'm looking to get a couple of new rackets to replace them.

    Choices are to buy two more Diablos which I'm quite happy to do or to look for a replacement bearing in mind I've heard rumours that Prince are going to terminate the Diablos.

    I've looked at the new Prince range simple because I like the feel of the Diablos and I figure their rackets are most likely to match the feel. The EX03 Rebel looks like it might be a good match. Anyone whose played them and the Diablos able to comment? I can't easily get a demo and it isn't a close match then I won't bother.

    Any other rackets from other manufacturers that are going to be close? Thanks in advance for all replies.

    FWIW I play to a 4.5 standard with a single handed BH. I've better control off the BH side as a result of more topspin compared to my FH which is flatter (but bigger and is the shot I tend to build my offensive game around).
  2. SFrazeur

    SFrazeur Legend

    Mar 26, 2006
    Don't fix what isn't broken. If you are rocking Tennis with the Diablos and don't need a more powerful, more forgiving racquet then keep rocking the SPANISH DEVIL STICK!

  3. sepidoel

    sepidoel Rookie

    Dec 19, 2010
    I'm a 4.0 NTRP one backhander, using Rebel (love it), but never try the Diablo before. From the spec I feel there shouldn't be much different in performance. It seems Rebel will be slightly better at the net, but marginally weaker on ground stroke. Rebel with 18x20 should be better at control and string durability. And if you're an adventurous person, having a new racquet should be a good thing for your mind.

    I think the only real drawback is the price difference.

    2 cents.
  4. tymmh789

    tymmh789 Rookie

    Apr 26, 2011
    Ya what SFrazeur said, but I play with the rebel and it is great. I don't feel like typing a review but one thing is that the buttery feel or whatever the description says on TW is honestly what it feel like. Give it a try, it is a great racquet.
  5. j00dypoo

    j00dypoo Rookie

    Dec 22, 2010
    I've only hit with a diablo once or twice in the past and was fond of it. I currently play with rebel 95s and love them. I think they may be similar, but I can't honestly back that claim as I don't own a diablo.

    Why not try demoing the sticks? I've seen plenty of rebel's on clearance racks at my local shops, so you might even be able to score great deals on them.

    I agree with sepidoel -- using new racquets is exciting haha.
  6. WhiteStripes

    WhiteStripes Semi-Pro

    Apr 14, 2004
    I demo'd the Diablo way back when it was first released, and I used to play with the Rebel for a few months before moving on. I think the big thing switching from a stick like the Diablo to the new Prince sticks with the ports/holes is the muted feel of the stick. While I do feel the Rebel has the most traditional feel of any of the O3/Ozone/EXO3 sticks, including the new EXO3 Tours, I still never liked the overly muted feel of the stick. It played well for me though, and for a 95 with a dense string pattern, I thought it was pretty forgiving and had a good blend of pop and control. I also could get some serious heat on serves with it too, which was probably the thing I liked most about it.

    I thought the Diablo was a pretty demanding stick when I tried it, but that was many years ago. The thing I remember most about it which I didn't particularly like was that it played stiffer than my personal preference.

    But I agree with others who said to stick with your Diablos if you're playing well with it. Just keep an eye out on the classifieds here or the 'bay to stock up on more.

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