Prince EXO3 Graphite First Impressions


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Some background, I have taken a four to five month vacation from playing tennis, before that I played competitive tennis as a junior and for the IM team at a local university.

I decided that I could find a better way to kill boredom, so I decided to try tennis again. I ordered up an EXO3 Midsize (93) and POG Midsize (93) demo to try them out.

Long story short, the racquets feel exactly like each other with very slight if any noticeable change-up between the two. The racquet is solid everywhere as expected, seems to swing a hair faster (little holes perhaps), and has a genuinely confusing paintjob.

I believe for a limited time, Tennis-Warehouse is giving away EXO3 promotional shirts with these demos, so besides getting to hit with a well remade classic you can get a neat shirt. Thank you readers and thank you TW.


any significant differences between the two or something that one racquet did noticeably better than the other?


a little easier to get the EXO around and a little more juice, both very nice control frames
how is the feel with both frames? i demoed the prince diablo mid not too long ago to determine if it was a worthy replacement for my pog mids, but despite the added pop (which i liked) it had a very muted feel. does the exo3 do a better job at providing feel and feedback?

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the exo93 is very muted, it has a large sweetspot but it is not terrible distinct.