Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 head size


This has come up in previous threads, but I'd like to hear from posters who have used this frame. It seems to be much smaller than a 95, and possibly smaller than a 93. I'm only basing this on pictures, but compare it to any other 95 frame and it looks pretty obvious. Is Prince using the Head/Prestige measuring process? Some posters have mentioned that it seems sluggish. A smaller head size would contribute to that. Any opinions?


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I measured it up to my Pro Tour 630. Basically spot on, including the drill pattern it seems. Anyway, I think it's a 95. I don't think it's sluggish either because I'm used to 12+oz frames and I think the O ports helps swing speed a tiny bit.


a smaller headsize makes it slower? now that's interesting logic, isn't it.

i guess i had no idea about racquets *sorry, i have had different experiences than you apparently have*


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That depends on the string and tension that's in the frame. I think the ball has some pop coming off of the Rebel; I actually have to string higher now because the ball just flies, even with a lot of spin.


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I have a Prince Rebel.

I'm used to racquets that are 12.0 oz.

This racquet is def a 95, compared to say a K90 or a KPS88. As far as swinging sluggish. YES! YES! YES! There is a big dude 6'3 at my club and he is as strong as an ox. He enjoys the frame because it tames his swing. LOL.

I should write a review, but I'm in denial that I'm still using this racquet. Hopefully I can change it with a string set up or steroids.

That is all.. thanks



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I put the rebel 95 side by side with the pc600, liquidmetal prestige, and flexpoint prestige mid's and the rebel is slightly larger


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It's definitely not smaller than 95. I actually think it swings pretty quickly...and I've already added 8 grams of lead at 3 and 9...and thinking of adding more!