Prince EXO3 Tour 100 16x18 grommet/head guard


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Prince :) I can ask if there are more, or TW might be getting them in as well (I am sure I am not special) I know they were waiting for them for a month at least. I got them for the 16x18 pattern (I did search far and wide for them!) I am a distributor though, you can't just call up Prince and get them :( You might want to ask TW if they are getting any of them in, in the "ask TW" thread.
Can someone please tell me if you will be getting any of these soon?
It looks like one of the members, who is a distributor, recently got these from quoted above.

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We haven't had these grommets in over a year. I am not sure how he got some grommets but we are unable to get any in stock from Prince.

Brittany, TW