Prince frames wont ship to Europe


Dear TW, I have for years been buying Prince frames at TW US because of the great matching service (Prince frames can be somewhat off in spec) that TWE dont provide. Now yesterday I tried to buy 2 matched Phantom 93P and It was not possible and was told to order at TWE. This is a bummer as TWE dont have the frame yet and dont provide matching service.

So TW US if you wont ship to EU please provide an matching service at TWE, please take good care of your long and faithfull customers outside USA. I buy a lot of stuff at TWE too, but buying racquets are a hit or miss due to the non existing matching service.

I have an official EU import licence VAT number so legaly I can import anything from USA to EU. We are in 2018 with global market and not in trade war with US yet, so I does not really make any sense at all.

I just tested that Amazon will ship Prince racquets to me in Europe, so why wont TW, does manufactors restrictions not apply to Amazon ?

There is a work around, via friends in the US or Shipping hotels, BUT shipping cost goes up by a large margin.

TW Staff


Unfortunately, Prince has placed restrictions on us from shipping outside of the US. If we could ship to you, we would but unfortunately it violates Prince's policy and we risk losing the ability to sell any Prince products if we do not follow them. TWE does have a matching service, however, I would need to follow up with them as their Babolat RDC machine was broken and they were waiting for it to be fixed by Babolat. I am hoping it should be back up and running soon. Let me see what I can find and get you some more updated information.

Any US distributor should not be able to ship out of the US even on Amazon as that would be breaking Prince's policy. Sorry for any confusion on this and hopefully we can find a solution.

Brittany, TW