Prince Graphite LB Oversize


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Back in the early 2000's I bought a couple of Prince Graphite LB mid-plus size racquets from TW. I used them for quite a few years. I would have bought the oversize version, but I didn't think they were available. I was excited to find and buy a couple of oversize models of the same racquet on the auction site recently. Except for the head size the racquets are identical. Same weight, paint, etc. The mid-plus frames were made in China, but the oversize were made in Thailand. Do any of you POG historians know any more details about these racquets. Just curious.


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Hey, i just happen to own one of those. unfortunately somone cut-off the handle so it came to me only in 27.5 and wore.
the job was done very badly.. after 4 strokes the racket flew out of my hands because the last part of the handle was not stable..
it disintegrated. you know what i mean, the plastic cover of the handle which is a little thicker than the rest.. this got loose. so i can't really test it.
i sold it yesterday after repairing it. but i still have it here so i will post a picture of it.


what seemed VERY ODD to me was that is was very LIGHT compared to how heavy a "real" POG (longbody) should e.. with strings, overgrip and dampener it is JUST 318 grams light!
so i guess the rackets wheighs just under 300 grams without the strings and the overgrip. balance was about equal balance, 1-2 points headlight i guess. not headheavy either.


long story short, i bought the recently manufactured classic longbody MIDPLUS, from 2013 or 2014 i guess. i don't know the exact name. you know which racket i talk about. i am much happier with hat.
it is real 28 inches and heavy.. headlight but i put some lead up the hoop to make it equal balance and now it ROCKS bigtime. great racket. much better than the cheap thailand version. crap in my opinion!

looks good on the outside but seems to be pretty much useless in comparision the the real deal or the new Longbody classic graphite midplus. rather a great midplus racket than a ****ty oversize one. MidPlus is good enough.
here is another picture of the thailand version: sold it yesterday for 30 bucks. for that money i got a "Head Tour XL" (pro tour in extra lenght) AND a "Pro Tour Light XL" racket.. :) those rackets i am proud of.. in the mail. can't wait to have them. should be much much better than this classic graphite WANNABE. maybe it was just the handle and the 27.5 instead of 28 inch and the low weight, and i just behave unfair. but anyway.


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My two oversize longbody frames are 317g and 322g strung, with the original leather grips. I also have the new classic version of the mid-plus longbody. It's about the same weight, 322g strung, but with a synthetic grip. I agree that it's a really nice racquet. It feels like it's stiffer and has more power. I really like the older model oversize too though. It's a long, whippy racquet that just seems right to me with the oversize head. Luckily I don't have to pick just one.


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The buyer did not pay for the racjet and now i am still stuck with it. I relisted since i already put a brandnew basegrip on and had the loose buttcap professionally fixed.

Hmm since you like the racket i might give it a try again before another one buys it. The one thing i DO like about it is it is almost equal balance it seems. My new 100 inch lb was very geadlight i had to put 12 grams if kead up the hoop. I like balanced ( very little headlight points)