Prince Graphite Pro XB Oversize.


I was visiting my parents a couple weeks ago and my dad whips out two Prince Graphite Pro XB oversize frames out - they'd been in their basement or garage since the early 1990s. I had purchased them at the beginning of college. So I had one strung up and played with it - and really enjoyed it. It's a pretty thick beam and overall a kind of hybrid between today's and the frames of my youth. It plays really nice. I cannot believe the two frames were size 4 and 5 grips. I use a 2 (1/4) or 3 (3/8) now. But, I just took the grip off (which was old, crusty, and falling apart anyway) and put two overgrips over the bare pallet. Not sure what the specs are.

The pics are not my specific frames, just general examples.