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Discussion in 'Other Equipment' started by Ripper, May 11, 2006.

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    To anyone who's interested, this overgrip has a feeling similar to Yonex Super Grap, but with some important differences. To me, Super Grap is good to go right out of the box. Microtac, on the other hand, doesn't feel tacky enough when you've just installed it; it feels good after you've used it a bit, imo. Super Grap is more absorbent, no doubt about that. In order for Microtac to continue to feel good as you play with it, you need to, constantly, dry your hand and grip, as well as your arm (that's where most of the sweat comes from), with a towel. Warning: if you sweat a lot (like me) and don't do this with Microtac, it will get slippery. Also, Super Grap feels softer, offers more cushion, than Microtac. Super Grap is a bit thicker than Microtac when comparing both in uninstalled form. However, because Super Grap is softer, when you install the same, it will stretch out much more and, therefore, thin out a lot more, specially on the bevel edges (more on this later). Ok now, I know all this sounds like Microtac is no good, but I happen to like it a lot. The reason is because, Microtac's hardness, REALLY helps maintain the feeling of the bevels. Super Grap and it's clones thin out more on the edges of the bevels than on the flat parts of the grip, where it "cushions up", making the grip rounder. In other words, lessening the feel of the bevels under the overgrip. Microtac lets you feel the raquet MUCH BETTER. Plus, provided you give it a small break-in period and you use your towel, Microtac feels good, too...

    Edit: Prince, you owe me for this!!!

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