Prince Neos 1000 maintenance: lubricating turntable


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Question about maintenance:
How does one lubricate the turntable on a prince NEOs 1000? The rotation of the turntable is fine but not as smooth as it could be.

I identified the 10 x 4mm hex wrench screws that hold the turntable to the post. I “Cracked” open one of the screw and it seemed like something broke. Some metal shards fell out as well as residue of the turntable metal. Looks like each screw is cemented in the turntable. So is it safe to open up all these screws? Also what type of lubricant can be used? I was thinking brake caliper lube.


Hopefully Irvin will chime in here.

Otherwise, there are several others with almost as much knowledge of these tanks (meant in a good way).

Lastly, you could call Tennis Machines, they are the parts supplier, etc for these babies.


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Thanks for the reply. I may end up calling TM for some advice. I just put in a big order with them to bring this machine back to life. I’m also sure that I will have many more questions as I go so I think I’ll wait to make the call once I have figured out everything that needs to be done. The tensioner is going to need some fine tuning as well.
I know with my Alpha, I was told to use WD 40 and not a silicon based lubricant for this. I just sprayed from under the turntable and it worked fine..


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I've never lubricated the turn table on mine and it's still very slick and moves freely. Now the glide rails for the bars, that's a different story.


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I got the answer from JC at TM. He is amazing.

Turned out to be very simple. Just remove the 2 bolts that hold the brake disc to the turn table. Then the turntable separates from the tensioner rail section. It was a good thing I decided to maintenance this part. All the lubricant on there was dirty and gritty. Now the turntable can rotated 360° when push it and let it freely spin.

The machine is almost in working order again. Now to figure out how to fix the tensioner. The brake lever releases too far when engaging. It goes 90° when engaging (without plastic case installed). Trying to figure out how to adjust it.