prince o3 white HYBRID?

i'm a 35y male 4.5 player, currently (and successfully) playing with o3 whites.

after the last restringing i recognized that i switched rather unconscious several times between polys an multis. my problem with the polys are that i like their feeling hitting the ball hard, but since i play with them i got more and more problems with my shoulder.
strings were used: wilson enduro tour & sensation, isospeed pulse & energetic.

so i ame up with the idea just switching to hybrid with either enduro/sensation or pulse/energetic. (the price will bean argument, so more into cheaper wilson)

anybody here with experiences playing the o3 white hybrid strung?
what tension for main/crosses? (currently playing always 60)
what do you think about this wilson hybrid?
and would you take the poly on main and multi cross?

awaiting comments (hopefully :) )

Ljubicic for number1

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Have played many different set ups in the white, I much prefer full poly in it but did have some success with cyberflash mains and pro supex titan x's.
thank you ljubo.
yes , i also got better results out of full poly then multi.
but i got like posted noticeably shoulder problems after heavy hitting sessions with the polys. and i don't want that getting usual.... :(