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    After demo-ing what felt like most that TW had to offer for Demos I finally settled on the Ozone 4. I had an older Prince Precision 770 that I definitely played too long. They were 8+ years old and time to go.

    Playing Demos are tough because you never know where the string tension is and 3-5 lbs can sometimes dramatically change a racket. I think it had Prince Perfection strings in it but I did not pay it much attention.

    Got in from TW and had it strung with Head Rip Control 17. I was using a hybrid in my older rackets but wanted a softer string if possible. I ordered it strung in the exact middle of the tension range. It played well for about 3 sets and then was too loose. I had a set of Luxilon Ace Control hybrid so I put them in again strung at 60 thinking I wanted tighter than 60 with the rip control but the stiffer string would essentially do that for me.

    That hybrid made the racket play like a trampoline! TW rated the racket at Med-High for power but I felt it was closer to med and mayve even med-low. With this hybrid it had def med-high power.

    Cut those out after one set and had alot of doubts about the racket. SO I threw some cheap nylon in at 65 thinking I needed to find my tension range first, then go to some different strings. That played much better and the control was back.

    Here is what I have determined - with the O ports and a thinner gauge string the string has more room to move in the O port and thus more power. However a thicker string can move less and has more control.

    Am I crazy or has anyone else played with this theory before?

    Also everyone has their string combo they like - Suggestions for this stick? bearing in mind it needs to be a 16 gauge string. I have played Klippermate's soft Kevlar and Pearl Zone (as a hybrid) and liked it the best so far. Prince Pro Blend second. I tried Klipper poly and pearl zone and Prince Tour but did not like them.


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    I think you should have bought a Wilson!

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