Prince Ozone Tour Owners - how do/did you string it?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by TripleB, Jul 15, 2010.

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    I'm currently demoing the Prince Ozone Tour (soft grommets and Prince Syn Gut Dura) and am really liking it...more of my thoughts on the Ozone Tour later.

    For those of you who use or have used this racquet:
    1) do/did you use the softer or harder grommets?
    2) what strings and tensions did you use while using the racquet?
    3) do you find that the grip on this racquets runs a bit small? (I typically use a 4 1/2" grip and a Gamma Derma/Smart Overgrip...with this set up the Ozone Tour grip feels a bit small - even compared to the Prince Original Graphite mid 4 1/2" plus the same overgrip)

    The racquet really doesn't feel as 'mushy' as I was expecting. It's a different (a bit more muted than I'm used to) kind of feel but something that doesn't feel entirely awkward.

    Also: Has anyone try natural gut in this racquet? If so, how long did they last (with the wide open string pattern I'm thinking not long)?

    BTW: I will probably be using some type of hybrid (poly/syn, poly/gut, gut/poly, etc.)

    1 last thing: has anyone ever had arm problems with this racquet? Late in the 2nd set tonight I felt a bit of a twing but I'm not sure if it was playing with the KBlade 98 yesterday or the fact that the grips a bit smaller than I'm used to)

    Thanks for any input.

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