Prince Phantom 100G Question


I play with the PCG 100 right now, and do love that racquet. I was wondering if you could tell me how the Phantom 100G compares. I know they made the specs similar, but I picked up an unstrung 100G in your Alpharetta store last week, and it felt way more maneuverable. Which I really like, but I don't wnat to lose any of that plow I get with my PCG 100. Either way I'm getting a new Prince soon. Deciding between the 100G, 107G, and the CTS Synergy db26.

TW Staff

I wish I could give you a comparison here but it's been too long since I hit with the PCG 100. Unfortunately we do not have one in the racquet vault here at TW, otherwise I'd get one strung up for a side by side hit.
Cheers, Chris, TW.