Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up


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Thanks to everyone in this forum, I have settled on a string config for my 93p (14x18):

Mains: Klip Legend 16 (45 lbs)
Crosses: Tier One Ghost Wire 17 (43lbs)

I really liked Head Velocity, and almost settled on them, but I had a half set of Legend to try and figured I'd give them a go. At first, they gave me too much power and I was hitting shots a bit long, but I *really* liked the pop I got off of them. After playing with them side-by-side with the Velocity for a couple of weeks, I was able to dial in the Legends. Velocity is still great, and will probably be my go to backup if I can't play with gut, but the Legends give me just the right balance of power, control, and feel. Oh man, the FEEL!

I've also tried the Klip Legend Tour in black, but the coating seems to dampen the feel too much for my liking. They're fine once the coating wears off, but I don't feel I need them. I've had to cut out my last two sets of Legends because they lost tension before the broke. And I was breaking strings in under two weeks with multis. So that's durable enough for me.

I might try increasing the tension of the Legends with my next stringing. I feel the only downside to them (besides not being able to get 660' for $120) is the tension loss. It's not really any worse than other strings I think, except that at the cost, I want to keep them in my racket for longer, and by week 3 or 4, my balls start sailing out. But they aren't Babalot VS prices, so I think I can live with restringing them every 3 weeks.

As for the Ghost Wire - I loved those the first time I strung 'em up. I haven't had any desire to even try other crosses after that. They are perfect. I bought a spool.


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One more thing - with all of the multis I tried, the strings would start sticking out of place between an hour or a week of playing. The Legends with the Ghost Wires slide back into position after every shot. I almost never need to adjust my strings, even after a a heavy slice or kick serve. I've found they don't start getting stuck out of place until 3 or 4 weeks, which is when they lose tension and need to be replaced anyway.