Prince Phantom Pro 93P - compare to NXG mid?

fuzz nation

I was psyched to see that Prince came out with that Phantom 93 and then I recalled how much I enjoyed their NXG mid a few years back. Checking on whether anybody has sampled both and can comment on one vs. the other.

The NXG was a 92" gummy bear on a stick that was an easy and ultra-accurate hitter. I liked it so much at the time that I used it for my USPTA certification even though the one I was using had a grip that was two sizes smaller than my preferred 4 5/8" rigs.

This NXG - among other things - changed my mind about string patterns. This dense string bed gets near the tightness of old wooden frames, but the heft and balance of this racquet also gave me bananas spin on my shots (from 17 ga. syn. gut).

Although it was heavy, the NXG didn't propel with ball for me with a lot of extra zip. That trade off gave it terrific control, but I think that the soft 98" Volkls I eventually started playing worked a little better for me because that larger string bed gave me a little more inherent pop. Easier to volley with some authority and zing a sharp serve on demand.

Looking at the sheet for the Phantom 93, I have to wonder whether this new frame is a less hefty and less powerful update of what was an already mellow hitter in the NXG mid. I'm slowly skimming through the big thread on the Phantom, but wanted to toss out this question about old vs. new.


Never played the NXG Mid. I wouldn't call a Phantom 93P a "gummy bear" on a stick. I'd reserve that moniker for the Phantom 100.

I certainly think you'd be impressed with the precision of the 93P and might be disappointed with the zip, although that largely can be corrected with strings.

The 93P has wonderful balance and feel which hovers between buttery and crisp. Truly a Goldilocks racket as far as those two characteristics are concerned. Spin and power are adequate but probably need some help from a proper string bed to optimize. Full bed poly at low tensions and thin gauges is the ticket for most. Gut/poly for the more arm sensitive.