Prince Precision Response 660 PL


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I currently play with one of them (Thai version - specs above should refer to Thai version). Got it recently for some 15 USD so I decided to try playing with it.

Flex 67 sounds just right.
SW 342 sounds/feels unrealistic even for my racquet. Around 330 (up to 335 at most) might be closer to the truth.
At stock form it feels head heavy in hand. Still it doesn't feel sluggish at the baseline.
I did lead it with 3 grams at 12 o'clock and couple of grams at 3+9 o'clock to enhance the sweet zone and twist stability a bit. I also added a bit of mass at the tip (forgot how much I actually put, but I had to replace missing cap with enough mass). Got it to 356 grams static weight total.

- this is much more a control frame than its beam (23 mm constant), specified power level, flex and SW might suggest
- head size seems a bit smaller than specified 97'. Perhaps 95-96' is closer to the truth.
- spin is not racquet's forte; but its precision is nice
- seems somehow unrewarding for touch shots (you have to swing out rather than play anything gently with it); but rewarding for taking huge shots
- not that forgiving on missing the sweet zone (you feel at such situations like you miss a little more response)
- modded my way (or even stock) racquet feels pretty whippy for its static weight regardless of head heavy feel

In total, a racquet that invites you to swing, and expects nothing less from you, at least for my merits (take that I don't have a technique for players racquets). What I like is that it's rewarding for practicing higher RHS to me. What I don't like is that I must be careful whenever I try to play anything lightly, like shorter balls. Nice PJ and I'll certainly play more with it since I somehow want to master it, but I don't see it as a long term racquet.
I had the chance to hit a bit last week with a couple of these last week under hot humid conditions in Florida . Great feel and plow. Found them easy on my ailing arm and should er. Ample spin due to the string pattern and string ( rpm blast 17 gauge at 53lbs) solid on returns and volleys. A racket that flew a bit under the radar lately. Head and Wilson classics get more traction....