Prince Speed Stringing Contest at the 2009 GSS Symposium

Discussion in 'Strings' started by Tim Strawn, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Oct 24, 2009
    One of the most popular requests I've had over the years since starting the GSS symposium is to have a speed stringing contest. Thanks to Prince and Dave Malinowski we added this to the lineup at the symposium this year and it was extremely well received. Prince provided 2 brand new P6000 stringing machines, the racquets and the string and the contest was judged by Dave Bone, executive director of the USRSA.

    For the record, I added my own stipulations for the contest in the form of a request to Mr. Malinowski. I ask for a frame with an 18x20 pattern, traditional grommets (no ports etc) and a set of poly string. We used an EXO3 Rebel (Black/Yellow cosmetics) and then we added a nice "twist" to the whole thing by using the new Prince Twisted string Dave chose the Black/Yellow color for the string and if that's not "twisted" I don't know what is! The color combination of that string in that racquet was a real challenge for the competitors and believe it or not, it even posed a challenge for Dave Bone during the final inspection for misweaves etc so I think we did a pretty good job of throwing the competitors a few curve balls :)

    The winner was Vasiliy Guryanov from Chicago and he was pretty fast. This was not a Wilson PS with an open 16x19 pattern with a soft SG string and his time was under 14 minutes--quite impressive when you consider all we threw at him. I hope to have some video up on the GSS site soon but I can't say exactly when I expect to have that done since I'm depending on other people to complete the project. I also plan to contact others who were there to see if they have any footage that we can use so this could take some time.


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