Prince Syn. Gut Duraflex vs. Lightning XX vs. Lightning Pro


Hello! Is there much, or any, discernible difference between these three strings? Is any one crisper or softer? More powerful? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!


I'm interested in that answer as well. I've recently been comparing PSGD with Prince Topspin and I can't say that I found a really big difference in the feel or performance. Tension maintenance was a bit better with Topspin but I think that was merely a reflection of string gauge.


I have tried all 3 using my Prince PP100P.
To me, comparing them to the PSGD: The Lightning XX feels more crisper with a bit more power. The Lightning Pro feels softer with a bit more comfort.

Lightning Pro reminds me of PSGO with more pop.
Lightning XX reminds me of PSGD with more pop.


I am a longtime Lightning XX user and it's my #1 string of choice for many years which I now run as a hyrbid. Much better feel and power than PSGD...but lousy durability. I use the 17g. Lightning Pro and XX I don't find much difference - pretty similar, but I prefer the XX

A good alternative to Lightning is Yonex Dynawire which is about the same price.


Thank you all for your input. Very much appreciated. I bought a racquet second hand and it has what I think is Lightning XX, possibly Pro. I like it, and find myself buying a lot of PSGD to string racquets I want strung, but don't want to spend a lot of money to do so. Since all are roughly around the same price, your experiences are very helpful. Thanks!


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Prince Lightning XX just seems to have more...playability than PSGD so to speak. More pop, more feel, more spin.
Personally I find it quite a bit less arm friendly, but I have arm problems in general. It's also said to have worse durability too.

Never used Lightning Pro.
Agree that Lightning Pro is soft, easy on the arm, slides well. It's not the softest synthetic ever. You should have tried Babolat Nvy. I wouldn't even call it "soft". I'd call it "mushy". I have a lot of people I string for that really like Lightning XX. Don't think it plays like Dynawire, but they're both nice strings. Dynawire doesn't seem to move as much, and just has a different feel than Lightning XX. More like PSGD with better feel. Hard to describe.