Prince Synth Gut Soft Replacement?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by bobsimon, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. bobsimon

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    Jan 25, 2010
    I've recently blown the dust off the ol' rackets to start playing again and now I need to find a new string. I had been using Prince Synthetic Gut Soft and I know it is still available as Ektelon Powerplay 16, but the price has certainly gone up since the last time I bought it. A set only lasts 2-3 hours so $5.99 is getting a little steep.

    Does anyone know of a similar string that's either slightly more durable or less expensive?

    P.S. I need something soft due to past arm injuries. Does anyone know if I can hold Prince liable for what Pro Blend did to my wrist back in the day???
  2. ace0001a

    ace0001a Semi-Pro

    Aug 26, 2009
    Forten Synthetic Gut Sweet 16 is considered really soft. TW only has them in reels, but @ $50 for the reel is still fairly cheap.

    Here's what the people who reviewed it said:

    Comments: Very comfortable synthetic, excellent overall value. I think it makes an excellent cross for copoly hybrids. Most customers love it. It's my go to value cross.
    From: Michael, Ft Meyers, FL. 11/09

    Comments: Very nice feel in a hybrid with a stiffer poly/copoly. But it just didn't hold tension very well at all. It would be a great choice for the price if you string your racquets on you own, instead of having to pay $10-20 for often restringing with the quick tension loss in this one.
    From: Alex, TN, USA. 04/09

    Comments: Nice soft synthetic, incredible value. My string of choice for crosses in any hybrid setup.
    From: Mark, Syracuse, NY. 1/09

    Comments: I've played with a lot of different string over the years including Babolat and Klip natural gut; various hybrids including Luxilon and Babolat polyesters. It's strange to me that Forten Sweet 16 and 17 are as good or better in playability, power, control and feel than anything I've used. It feels so much like Babolat gut to me with a little more power. I always go back to it, and it's my string of choice. I am baffled as to why it's not used more on tour. I know it's used a lot by college players. Maybe Forten doesn't offer sponsorships to pros. Durability is good in warm temperatures, but it can break more easily in colder weather. It's also great used as a cross string with polyesters and kevlar. As for the price, $2.99 per set, incredible!
    From: Nick, Utah, California and Greece! 1/08

    Another inexpensive option would be Gosen OG Micro 16, which goes for $30-$35 for a reel. It's pretty popular and is said to be fairly soft.

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