Prince textreme warrior 100T


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Hi all

I have a younger brother in high school that started to play last year. We play leisurely on the weekend. He is still considered a beginner and started with a prince tour 98 which I got him because it was dirt cheap on sale on TW.

However, I feel it is time he made a change to something more suitable. The 98sq inch, narrow/oval shaped head and somewhat 'decent heft' of a light players racquet of the tour 98 just isn't for him. Especially, he likes to brush up more on the ball rather than a flat drive.

I am a big fan of the textreme line and was thinking what you guys think about the warrior 100T. He has tried my warrior 100 and likes it due to the faster feel and greater power output but he is still quite slow on his preparation and I think the 100T version will benefit him more. In the long run, if he gets better I can always add a leather grip/OG/lead to the hoop which can bring it around to the same specs as the tour 100T and turn it into a light tweener frame.

Has anyone demoed the warrior 100T? How does it hold up off the ground? I have a sneaky feeling maybe a gram each at 10 and 2 will give him something that is fast, powerful and relatively stable.


Should be pretty good for him. It has A LOT of power though, so string it a little higher than you may normally. Mess around with some lead as it takes to customization well. It didn't work for me, but I gave it to a co-worker for her daughter who just started playing and she's liking it a lot.


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In the hands of a more developed player how did it hold up for you? Care to comment more on control and stability?

om panda

Its a nice light stable and comfy stick. It still have control and stability, but launch angle is a bit high. If you worry about control, you can put poly and it will still have good comfortable response without overly stiff feeling like Babolat Pure Drive.

I usually play with 300gr racket, but due to hip injury, my movement got slow a lot. Prince TW100T and Yonex Ezone DR Lite helps me in power and fast preprations aspect while providing good control. They also balanced nicely for my taste, not too head heavy for light racket. For my yonex, it comes in 270gr, but i change the base grip and it added 5 gr. Because of that, my prince and yonex have almost similar spec.
Note for yonex: buy one grip smaller than your usual size and change the base grip to any 2mm base grip. It wil jump 1 size and add about 5 gr.


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This is one great frame for any level player. It is alos a good base to start playing tennis with. Smooth feeling, lots of spin and power. You can't go wrong with this one.


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Thanks for the additional feedback. That's much more assuring. I think I might even think about the tour 100L too since they are quite similar in specs.


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I tested my sister's TW100T strung with Wilson Spin Effect. I found it to be easy to swing and good for put away shots with good spin. It was a bit light for me and somehow the frame felt a bit flexy. But otherwise, it was one of my considerations to move to an arm friendlier racquet than the Pure Drive.