Prince tour 98 for $49 any good?


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never mind I found the review and no one seems to like it.
Which is funny, because it's pretty much the same exact racket as the previous Exo3 Rebel 98, which received a better review. If you don't mind the feel of ports, and it's in your spec range, it's a great racket for $49.
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Best arm friendly racquet I've tried. A steal for only $49. I was thinking of buying more but don't think the wife would be impressed.


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Pretty nice actually, a solid all rounder. The feel takes some getting used to as it's pretty muted, but that's all really.


Need comfort ? Are you willing to deal with a different, but consistent type of feedback? That lis what the _port frames give you.Yes I am a _port player.

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It's a different paint job of the rebel 98 which received positive reviews. They just had different testers on the two reviews.


I played 3 sets with Tour 98 yesterday. I got it for Mrs, but strings were too tight for her, so not to waste a fresh string job................

It's much better racquet than TW review suggests. Though I customized it to 331 gms. -- 2 overgrips, head guard tape, 4 gm total of lead at 10/2 and dampener. Strung with Velocity MLT 17 main, Wilson revolve 17 cross @ 54/52. Good combination of power and control (slightly more power than control). No harsh vibrations as long as you hit on string bed due to ports.
In terms of strength --
Ground strokes > Serves > Volley
Spin > Slice > Touch-Feel.

I have used EXO3 Rebel for one year in 2012-2013, so I did not need much adjustment period. I was not very good back then, but Tour 98 feels more maneuverable than Rebel!