Prince tour diablo mid

there is a prince tour diablo mid at my local play it again that is in 9/10 condition. It's the matte black and red and it's definitely an older frame as it has the squared beams like a ps 85 or old 200g. What is this stick worth going toward my collection? Anything at all? It looked like a nice classic but more than most deals I find
or upon looking farther, is this a classic racquet at all?
Not even close. The thing is only a few years old.

There will be no more classic racquets - because A) racquets today have too short a market life to reach 'classic' status B) 'technology' doesn't last more than a few years C) there are too many racquets on the market (owing largely to the short market life, resulting in periods where last year's frames are on the shelves next to this year's frames)... and, lastly, D) racquets today (the past 10 years or so) are nowhere near good enough to be called 'classics'.