Prince Triple Threat Scream OS Review

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Humphrey, Jul 14, 2009.

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    Jul 5, 2009
    I'm really bored, so I decided I'd make a review of my first racquet! It's my first review, so constructive criticism is welcome!

    Setup- Stock strings, with Wilson Pro Overgrip installed on the grip. My grip is 4 1/4.

    Power- This racquet has a ton of it. I'm a developing player, and I don't generate a lot of power with my own swing so this was nice to have. I didn't have to much of a problem hitting the ball out, however. It produces top spin very well when you have the correct form.

    Spin- Like I said before, this racquet is pretty good for spin. Top spin was consistant, and my slicing serves always had a good bite to them.

    Control- This is the only area where the TT Scream doesn't blow me away. It is better than other racquets I've used, such as the Wilson nCode nFocus, but it is nowhere near the level of my Head Microgel Extreme (of course, the Extreme and the TT Scream are apples and oranges, imo).

    Feel- This racquet has a great feel when you hit the ball. NO vibration is felt, even without a dampener. It is very solid, not mushy. I like it.

    Overall- I really recommend this racquet. It's a great tweener racquet, and its only $50.

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