Prince TT 310 vs TT 310 03 Ported


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Ok. So the big question here to begin with is why would TW not carry this version in the US but carry it in TWE Europe instead. Do they have a better market in Europe. Do they like giving Europeans more choices for their money. This is little bit of a slap In the face for us US customers. Im not gonna lie. @tw
But then let’s get down to the point of this thread. What’s the real diff between the potted and non ported versions of this stick. Firstly the beam is narrower on the O3. And then there is the 19 crosses on the 03 as opposed to 18 on the standard.
So please chime in those of you who have played with both of these. And compare power feel etc etc. thanks in advance.

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The string spacings on the o3 tour (and o3 B 100) are just about dead on perfect for an all court game. The 10 center mains are very snug for great control, but then outside the sweetspot, the spacings open up nicely for forgiveness.

I would put this in a solid beam tour along with some parallel drilled grommets in the future.

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So frame is thinner, 8 mains in the throat vs 6, power level 875 vs 825, 16x18 vs 16x19.. so what is the same, twaron?